ABOUT BAHDWhen it comes to secure and stable elevators for residential and commercial uses, BAHD is a company that you cannot miss. As being a reliable supplier of good condition vertical transportation devices, BAHD sells elevators and escalators from famous brands, such as ThyssenKrupp, Schindler and Kasper. With 21 years of industrial experience and practice, we are able to offer high quality products as well as excellent installation service to customers of the world. In addition, considering various actual demands and working conditions, we also provide professional installation modification and maintenance service, assuring you a safe and economical elevator solution.


Pre-sales Service

1. Before installation, our salesmen discuss with you and make the final confirmation about shaft drawing and elevator parameters.
2. When installation, our professional engineers and operators will be present and ensure smooth and secure work.
3. Our salesmen will keep up with the construction progress and make sure every construction and installation detail complies with customer's requirement.

After-sales Service

1. Service team
The custom service team is staffed by over 30 professional employees offering promote and unrivalled service.

2. Sufficient Stock of Wearing Parts
Each set of elevator will be packed with a certain quantity of replacement components. If you need more parts during the usage, we will send them to you in 24 hours after we are informed.

3. Hotline
When any defect or malfunction occurs, customer can reach us via hotline. If demanded, we will assign workers to offer on-site service.

4. Service Site
For large-scale and important projects, we will build up a service site nearby as a local service center for maintenance and emergency condition.

5. Daily Maintenance
Our company supply monthly daily maintenance, including cleanliness, lubrication and adjustment, to prevent possible accidents and ensure stable operation.

6. Annual Inspection
Every year, we conduct complete and strict supervision on our elevators and escalators at no charge. Plus, we also offer free technical training if needed.

7. Quarterly Follow-up
Our service manager will visit our clients every three months and listen to their suggestion and questions about our products. By doing so, we have a more clear understanding about what clients need, do proper improvement and offer better service.

8. Warranty
According to industrial standard, we offer complete warranty service. The elevator and components are guaranteed for 12 months. In addition, we also offer extended warranty service. Customers can apply for 3 years at most extended warranty service and we will charge appropriate fees for labor cost. We promise to offer industry-standard service, leading to safe and stable elevator running.

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